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Lantern gives you the ability to pull together a full range of Open Access compliance measures used by funders and official agencies, making checking your publications incredibly easy.

Just upload a list of your identifiers - like DOIs - and we'll learn everything we can about them and send you the results.


Step 1:    Make a list of your identifiers. This can be as a comma-separated list, or as a CSV.

As a list, this might just be something like: 10.1080/0005772x.1997.11099339, 10.2307/40132944, 10.1017/cbo9781139506427

As a CSV, you can start with your favourite spreadsheet program, and create a sheet like the example below. As long as it has one or more of the headers "DOI", "PMID" or "PMICD" it will work:

DOI PMID PMCID 78543277  
  78024443 PMC75220165
... ... ...

Once you've done that, export it as a CSV. In Excel you can do this by choosing Save As and selecting CSV (Comma delimited) as the type. For more information see Microsoft's support page.

Step 2:    Copy your identifier list into the input box or use the "upload a file" link on our front page.

Step 3:    Take a break, put your feet up and let us do all the work. Depending on how many identifiers you've given us, it might take a little while to gather the results. We'll email you when they're ready.

Step 4:    Go to your finished report page. Here you can view a summary of the results, and download the full report as a CSV, which you can then open up in your spreadsheet package. You can also share this page, so others can see your results too.

You'll have the following information available to you in the spreadsheet:

  • Some additional basic bibliographic information, such as Journal, Publisher, Title, and publication dates
  • Whether the publication is in a repository (and which repositories)
  • Whether the publication appears in EuropePMC, and some information about its status and version
  • What re-use licence the publisher has applied
  • Any embargo information about this publisher
  • Any self-archiving policies for the pre-print, post-print or publisher's version
  • Grant and PI information

If you want the full details of what information we gather, check out the output documentation, below.

In order to get you this information, Lantern queries a lot of external data services, so you should check out our sources page for more information on what we use and the re-use rights they may apply to the data

Output Documentation

When you download your report, there will be a lot of information in there; below you'll find details on what all of those fields mean.

Field Description
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Have we missed anything?

Is there some aspect of the documentation that is unclear, or any other questions you have? Don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help you out.