Lantern Data Sources

When you supply us a list of article identifiers, each one is used to query multiple websites and data sources in order to locate information relevant to the item's Open Access status; for example, the re-use licence, whether it has been archived in an open repository, what embargo policies the journal has in place, etc.

Below you will find details of the services we consume, links to their terms of use, and a summary of our interpretation of those terms.

The Sources

Source What you get from it
CORE Core aggregates items from digital repositories all over the world, so here we can find out whether your items are archived somewhere.
CrossRef CrossRef is a canonical source of bibliographic data, provided directly by publishers, and holds key metadata and in some cases rights information.
Direct from the publisher's website Where information is not available in the usual databases, we go direct to the article on the publisher's website to extract as much information as possible.
DOAJ DOAJ is the premier registry of Pure OA journals in the world, so we can use it to learn about the journals in which your researchers are publishing.
Europe PMC EuropePMC aggregates open and closed access bibliographic metadata for the life-sciences, and holds full-texts for OA publications that we can mine for useful information, especially re-use licences.
Grist Grist, operated by EuropePMC, aggregates information about grants, P.I.s and publications associated with life-sciences funders.
Sherpa Romeo Sherpa Romeo is a key resource for information on journal embargo and self-archiving policies.

Data Re-Use Conditions

Each of our sources may stipulate re-use conditions for their data. Below are the sources, a link to their last known terms and conditions, and a summary of the terms at last review (provided for information only, and should not be considered legal advice - refer to the 3rd party's terms of service for details):

Sources' terms and conditions last checked on 18 September 2016

Service Terms URL Summary
CORE No terms of service available As no terms are available, it should be assumed that you may not re-use data from CORE outside your organisation
Europe PMC terms EPMC places no additional restrictions on re-use of the data they hold. They note that the data they distribute may be subject to rights applied by the owner/submitter (e.g. patent/copyright), and you have a responsibility not to violate those rights.
CrossRef terms CrossRef places no restrictions on re-use of the data in this context
DOAJ Reuse terms are available in their webpage footer The DOAJ site and its metadata are licensed under CC BY-SA
Grist terms Grist is operated by EuropePMC/EBI, so the same conditions apply
Sherpa Romeo terms Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License - if you re-publish data sourced from Sherpa Romeo you should attribute as specified on their terms of re-use page.

Previous Data Re-Use Conditions

We periodically review the data re-use conditions of our data sources, and below you can see our summaries at the time. Note that for old reviews of their terms, links may no longer be valid, or the summary may not reflect what you find published on the page. This section is informational only, and if you have questions about any changes in terms and conditions for these sources, you should contact them directly.

Sources' terms and conditions checked on 11 May 2016  Show