Information for Organisations

For an annual subscription, your organisation can have its own customised, branded version of Lantern, hosted and maintained for you by our team. You get:

Guaranteed Uptime & Support

We give you our uptime guarantee, and you'll have access to our dedicated support service.

Your branding

Use of your logo and colour scheme, and available at your own domain name.

Custom compliance measures

Tell us about your policy or mandate, and we can calculate this for you in your output.

Custom output fields.

Select which of the large range of Lantern fields you want in your output.

Manage your users

Full user and jobs management dashboard.

Access to our API

Integrate your local systems directly with your Lantern instance.

If you want to hear more from an organisation that uses this service, take a look at our Wellcome Trust Case Study.

Why would you want your own Lantern?

I'm a Funder
I'm a Research Institution
I'm a Publisher

How do you get your own Lantern?

Just contact us, and we will go through your needs with you. Once we know what you need we'll give you a quote and a Service Level Agreement.

The process of setting up your instance of Lantern is straightforward:

  1. We'll apply your branding and configuration, and set the system up a the domain of your choice
  2. You can play with your system until you're happy that it is branded and configured the way you want
  3. We'll help you out with tutorials, and be available for your support questions

With your own Lantern, you get:

  • Guaranteed service availability via our SLA
  • Dedicated support
  • Your branding, colours and domain
  • Custom compliance measures
  • Custom output fields
  • User and job management dashboard
  • Access to our API