Lantern - Shining a Light on Open Access



Richard Jones, Founder, Cottage Labs

So what is it?

It's a quick way to pull together metadata essential to calculating a work's compliance with an Open Access policy.

And what's the benefit of that?

1. Effort reduction
Lantern can process a few thousand identifiers in a few hours. How much time to do manually?

2. Consistency and accuracy.
Results are easy to check, review and report on.

And why is this even necessary?

Increasingly there are OA mandates and policies appearing

And alongside those policies, there is the need for librarians/research offices/funders to report on and enforce them.

An OA policy that can't be enforced isn't of any value

How does it work?

Upload your identifiers
Go put your feet up
Download your results
Enforce your policy!

You can read more in our documentation

Ok, let's talk about business models


What's the correct community-focussed business model for services to Open Access?

There are a lot of possible answers to this question. We considered many, including: Feature-based Freemium, Usage-based Freemium, Public Good/Free, One cost for all, Tiered costs, Sponsorship, Membership and Grant Funded.

Our Answer

Usage-based Freemium

Secures access to the service for everyone in the community, and additional scale at cost for anyone that needs it, with a clean and clear business model.

So, how do we engage the community?

Help us manage licence statements dataset
Drive metadata standards
Give us feature requests
How should we handle compliance calculations?

What's next for Lantern?

1. Scaling up for full service
We've officially launched and we're working with some early-adopters who are helping us make the service better.

Brunel University University of Cambridge Wellcome Trust Wiley

2. Discussing a collaboration with Jisc to integrate with Monitor
Jisc's new OA and APC management tools will incorporate integration with Lantern as an option for all users, and we are discussing with Jisc a collaboration to bring Lantern to UK HEIs as part of their services to OA.


3. Building more features
as fast as we can, and based on your feedback

Thanks for listening

Richard Jones, Founder, Cottage Labs